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Provide public facing information on WG15 IEC 62351 standards, on-going activities, and planned efforts.

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IEC TC57 WG15 was formed to undertake the development of cybersecurity standards for power system communications. Its scope and purpose are to:

·         Undertake the development of standards for security of the communication protocols defined by the IEC TC 57, specifically the IEC 60870-5 series, the IEC 60870-6 series, the IEC 61850 series, the IEC 61970 series, and the IEC 61968 series.

·         Undertake the development of standards and/or technical reports on end-to-end security issues.

·         Review and advise on cyber security of TC57 standards as they are being developed.

The IEC 62351 standards (some under development or update) consist of:

·         IEC/TS 62351-1: Introduction

·         IEC/TS 62351-2: Glossary of Terms

·         IEC 62351-3: Security for profiles including TCP/IP

·         IEC 62351-4: Security for profiles including MMS

·         IEC 62351-5: Security for IEC 60870-5 and derivatives

·         IEC 62351-6: Security for IEC 61850 profiles

·         IEC 62351-7: Objects for Network Management

·         IEC 62351-8: Role-Based Access Control

·         IEC 62351-9: Key Management

·         IEC/TR 62351-10: Security Architecture

·         IEC 62351-11: Security for XML Files

·         IEC/TR 62351-12: Resilience and Security Recommendations for Power Systems with DER

·         IEC/TR 62351-13: Guidelines on What Security Topics Should Be Covered in Standards and Specifications

·         IEC 62351-14 Security Event Logging and Reporting

·         IEC/TS 62351-100-1: Conformance test cases for IEC 62351-5 and companion standards

·         IEC/TS 62351-100-3: Conformance test cases for IEC 62351-3

·         IEC/TS 62351-100-4: Conformance test cases for IEC 62351-4

·         IEC/TS 62351-100-6: Conformance test cases for IEC 62351-6

·         IEC/TR 62351-90-1: Guidelines for Using Part 8 Roles

·         IEC/TR 62351-90-2 Deep Packet Inspection

·         IEC/TR 62351-90-3 Guidelines for Network Management

There is not a one-to-one correlation between the IEC TC57 communication standards and the IEC 62351 security standards. This is because many of the communication standards rely on the same underlying standards at different layers. The interrelationships between the IEC TC57 standards and the IEC 62351 security standards are illustrated in Figure 1.


WG15 Scheme

Figure 1: Interrelationships between the IEC TC57 Standards and the IEC 62351 Security Standards


Some useful, publicly available documents about WG15 and about our efforts are provided below: